Andy Mehalick

Hi I'm Andy — I'm currently the CTO of a software services company in beautiful sunny Kuwait.

I've spent my career as a software engineer and designer and I've built and managed teams, led developer training, founded user groups, and presented at conferences.

I have a passion for the elegance inherent in well-designed software solutions and the beauty that exists in the software we create. I enjoy working with and evangelizing all of the technologies and patterns that create harmony in my software development life and I enjoy sharing my experiences with others.

You'll currently find me building cloud-native software solutions with Azure and .NET Core.


  1. ASP.NET Core Deployment Versioning with Git and Kudu
  2. Setting Up MySQL on an Azure Ubuntu VM
  3. EF6: Adding a Created Date/Time Column Automatically with Code First Migrations
  4. Localizing Entity Framework POCO Properties with JSON - Part 1
  5. Keeping Your Data Access Honest with SQL Server Profiler
  6. TDD Code Kata
  7. Hg Strip and Transplant
  8. Fun with NUnit and ReSharper Templates
  9. An Introduction to Hgflow